Our History

Behold the Lamb began in 1991 under the direction of Lisa Jennings (BTLM, inc. President) as a thirty-minute Easter cantata with a cast, choir and crew of about thirty and grew into a Passion Play production (Hamilton County Passion Play Behold the Lamb) involving over 300 costumed individuals with over 300 involved in the support staff areas, all from one church. In 2017, Behold the Lamb Ministries, Inc. was established as an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry and expanded to include the Passion Play, an adult community choir, music-and theatrical-ministry seminars providing training for churches and communities, and mentoring to equip participants with life skills.


From Humble Beginnings

In 1991, a musical entitled Watch the Lamb was chosen for the Easter presentation at a church.  After Easter, people in the community began to ask for the musical to be repeated, so it was in 1992.  In 1993, the local high school auditorium was rented.  It was thrilling to see the community embrace the ministry and people outside the church using the production as an outreach ministry, bringing unbelievers to hear the Gospel.

Each year the production grew in size and more performances were added to accommodate the ever-growing demand for tickets.

In 1996, an additional performance was added because over 1000 people were on a waiting list.  In 1998, the tickets for all five performances were gone six weeks before the opening night and still over 1700 people were on a waiting list. A sixth performance was added and, still, thousands of people were turned away.

Seven performances became the limit, even though the demand for tickets continued to increase because tickets are generally gone within the first 2-3 days of the ticket office opening. In 2018, tickets for all performances were gone in under four hours.


Far and Near Reach

People come from across America and many international countries have been represented by guests over the years (i.e. China, Burma, Thailand, Canada, Mexico, England, Brazil, etc.).  A Burmese woman, who had lived in an UN refugee camp in Thailand from age 2-20 and who had recently come to America, attended and said, “I read my Bible very day. Now I see it."

In 2017, Behold the Lamb Ministries, Inc. was established as an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry, expanding on the vision to impact the world with the life-changing Gospel message of Jesus Christ and providing opportunities for an entire community to be involved.

In 2017, the BTLM Board and Leadership Team began to pray that God would lead individuals to participate in BTLM who are committed heart, soul, and mind to proclaiming the Gospel message of Christ, reaching those who have not heard, and encouraging those who have trusted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. God answered those prayers above and beyond anything we could have imagined. We call them “Kingdom Builders” because of their commitment to Christ and desire for Him to use their lives to impact this world for eternity. Participants now represent many different churches, communities & cities from across Indiana.

Behold the Lamb Ministries provides the opportunity for families & multi-generations to serve together. Even though participants may worship in different churches or live in different cities, they can come together to serve in proclaiming the greatest story ever told about the greatest person who ever lived … Jesus Christ! HE is the centerpiece of Behold the Lamb Ministries, Inc.


For the Glory of God Alone

From the beginning and continuing today, the goals of this ministry are to Exalt Jesus Christ, Extol the Gospel, Edify the Believer, and provide Excellent Service … “Soli Deo Gloria” …for the glory of God alone!